Welcome! The Livingston Valley Scottish Rite, AASR Southern Jurisdiction, is proud to serve Masons of the 4th - 33rd Degrees in southwest Montana. Located in beautiful Livingston, MT, the Livingston Valley Scottish Rite provides Masonic education, fraternal fellowship, philanthropy, and conferral of the Scottish Rite Degrees to eligible Master Masons.

2024 Livingston Valley Reunion 

The Livingston Valley Scottish Rite 2024 Reunion will be held Saturday, April 13th & Saturday, April 27th. All Scottish Rite brethren are encouraged to attend. Eligible Master Masons who wish to petition to receive Degrees 4 - 32 may fill out the membership petition below:

For membership in the Valley of Livingston, the degree fees are $200.00 and should be included for all applicants desiring to participate and become Scottish Rite Masons and should be returned with the application.

For questions pertaining to the 2023 Reunion, or to inquire about joining our Valley, please contact the Livingston Scottish Rite Valley.

The Scottish Rite Creed

"The cause of human progress is our cause,
the enfranchisement of human thought our supreme wish,
the freedom of human conscience our mission,
and the guarantee of equal rights to all peoples everywhere,
the end of our contention."